We get it. Founding your own company is a daunting and exciting task-- we've done it ourselves a few times. Early on, we know that you will be busy with so many things from customer development to legal matters and the last thing you want is to build a crappy product for your startup. We're here to help you get from your vision to a winning reality.

Just the right amount of thinking and doing--none of the fat, 100% lean. We'll make sure you get what your startup needs to succeed.
With services ranging from $150 to $500 a pop, this is a low-risk, high-value proposition for you. You won't find these prices anywhere else.
When we work together, your team instantly gets not one, but two certified UX experts who've worked with large and small companies. Talk about an instant 5-star boost.


People we work with walk away feeling like winners after each consultation. Discover why we keep getting rave reviews.

Regnard has the right stuff in collaborating and advising startup teams on full product lifecycle for a great user experience outcome. Go with UX MVP.

Flavian DeLima Whirple

I set up a consultation with Regnard to help us improved conversion rates on our site. Regnard was very helpful in throwing out ideas for improving conversions at every step of the funnel. It's clear that he has an eye for user-centric design. Lots of things he suggested had never occurred to us before. We walked away from the consultation with many actionable items.

Nisha Garigarn Croissant

UX MVP gave me valuable, detailed insights into how a viewer sees my website, and simple ways to improve the user's experience.


We're a lean two-person team that's going to boost your website or mobile app to new heights. With a combined 27 years experience and UX certifications to boot, you can trust us to help you in your startup's journey to success. Minimum Viable Product? We got you covered. Review an existing app? We're your team.

Regnard Raquedan

Regnard Raquedan is a NN/g UX Certified User Experience Designer with over a decade of experience with mobile & web user experience design with startups and large organizations. He has spoken in various design conferences in four continents and blogs at Regnard has an MBA, a Master’s degree concentrating in Human Computer Interaction, and completed the Improv program at The Second City Training Centre in Toronto.

Liza Ong

Liza Robee Ong is a CISA certified IT professional with a degree in Computer Science and a background in Psychology. She is also a UX certified professional. She has expertise in IT Audit, Application Security, and Systems Analysis and she specializes in usability testing and security assessment for both desktop and mobile apps. When not involved with UX in one shape or form, Liza enjoys traveling, watching plays and movies, and volunteering.

We call Toronto our home, but we'll work with anyone from anywhere.


You like good deals. (Who doesn't?) That's why our pricing is very competitive and simple. Schedule a free, no-commitment consultation today and you'll thank yourself later.

Consultation Hour

If you want to discuss very specific concerns about your site or app

Max. 2 hours per session

We'll provide you with actionable recommendations & tactics

Product Strategy

We'll understand your target users & collaborate on your product's UX strategy

Capped at 5 man-hours

Get a strategy slide deck with high-level requirements in 5 business days

Usability Testing

We'll help you validate your product assumptions and run a quick usability test

For 3 test users

We'll provide you a report with analysis & recommendations in 5 business days


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